Monday, July 16, 2012

10 Cool Geocaching Trackables

You know that Geocaching can be great fun. Whether you are "all about the numbers" or if it's more about "the hunt," you've more than likely stumbled upon a trackable or two in your day. Here is a list of some of the coolest trackables available (in no particular order):

1) Travel Bug hat - Wear it on your caching adventures or at events, just make sure your jealous friends only "discover" it.

2) Travel Bug Backpacker - This cool geocoin actually becomes the top to a 35mm film canister (remember them?) and your trackable can carry along some swag.

3) Travel Bug Vehicle Magnet - If it's metal, this magnet can stick to it and your vehicle (or whatever) can be discovered.  On the road or in the parking area at an event, it's always fun to see who sees you.

4) Firefly Cachekinz - There are a whole bunch of Cachekinz and Cache Buddies now available, but one of our favorites has to be the Firefly.  Not only is it named after one of the greatest TV shows ever, but the tail actually glows in the dark.

5) Lackey Geocoins - While there are (literally) thousands of different geocoins available, the lackey coins issued by Groundspeak are about the coolest. Priced very affordably and manufactured with a nice solid heft to them, these coins commemorate the people who make it all happen.  No cacher should be without at least one.

6) Travel Bug Origins - This special Travel Bug tag boasts the American flag with a beautiful etching of a bug.

7) Trackable Patches - These high-quality patches can be sewn to your hat, jacket, backpack, whatever.

8) Travel Bug Vehicle Decal - Available in either black or white, these decals are sharp. They typically mount on the outside glass of your vehicle for all the world to see.

9) Signal The Frog Travel Tag - You've got to send props out to the mascot who started it all. Signal strikes a pose and is fully trackable to boot.

10) The Original Travel Bug - Maybe not very unique, but you have to respect the enduring nature of these original trackables. With well over one million in circulation, you're bound to find one of these guys any any Geocaching expedition.

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Inventory Update

Well, we (finally) updated the inventory online.  Nothing like having a couple thousand dollars worth of inventory sitting around that you good folks can't buy.  Promise to stay on top of this in the future, Scout's honor.

Today we added in a number of cache stickers and trackables.  Please take a few minutes to check them out.  Plus, be sure to come back soon as we have some brand new products to add to the store that will be appearing sometime soon.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Top 5 Best-Selling Geocaching Trackables

It's been a while since we posted something here and we thought it was about time. So, without further delay, here are our top five best-selling Geocaching trackable items:

5) Butterfly Cachekinz for Geocaching - Part of the Cachekinz series, the butterfly is the most popular critter in the series.  They feature their own icon on and each one has its own unique tracking number.

4) Travel Bug Vehicle Magnet - These fully trackable magnets are about 7" x 3" and will 'stick' to any metal surface.  They feature an unique tracking number and a corresponding set of dog tags.

3) Gold Certified Addict Geocoin - Are you a fan of Geocaching? This coin will serve as certification of that fact! Features a tiny mirror so you can always see who is certifiable.  Trackable on with its own icon!

2)  Travel Bug Vehicle Static Cling - Designed to cling to the inside of any window, this 7" x 4" trackable decal is a must-have.  Features an unique trackable code and a spare set of dog tags.

1) Travel Bug - Hands down the most popular trackable Geocaching item in the store is the original Travel Bug dog tag. Manufactured out of durable aluminum, each set comes with two dog tags - one to send out into the wild and a copy to keep safe at home. These are the basis of all trackable items in the grand game of Geocaching.
See all of the great trackable Geocaching items at South Mountain Traders here.